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Houston County Videos
4/1/14 Board Meeting
3/25/14 Board Meeting
3/11/14 Board Meeting
3/4/14 Board Meeting
2/18/14 Board Meeting
2/11/14 Board Meeting
2/4/14 Board Meeting
1/28/14 Public Hearing
1/28/14 Public Hearing
1/21/14 Board Meeting
1/14/14 Board Meeting
1/7/14 Board Meeting
12/30/13 Board Meeting
12/23/13 Board Meeting
12/17/13 Board Meeting
12/3/13 Board Meeting
11/26/13 Board Meeting
11/18/13 Planning Commission
11/18/13 Planning Commission
11/19/13 Board Meeting
Dr. Hommen Event
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Public Hearing: Term Limits
Lucille Omodt Crow
Ordinance Enforcement
2/12/13 - Legal Review
MN Environmental Quality Board Meeting (12/18/13)
EQB Meeting Pt. 1
EQB Meeting Pt. 2
MN Environmental Quality Board Meeting (9/21/13)
EQB Meeting Pt. 1
EQB Meeting Pt. 2
EQB Meeting Pt. 3
EQB Meeting Pt. 4
EQB Meeting Pt. 5
Standing Against the Sand Storm Regional Conference (6/1/13)
Jeff Abbas
Bill Mavity
Pam Schaefer
Panel Discussion
Northland Adventures Video Series: America's Sandbox
America's Sandbox - Part 1
America's Sandbox - Part 2
America's Sandbox - Part 4
The Water - Part 1
The Water - Part 2
The Water - Part 3
Blind-sided - Part 1
Blind-sided - Part 2
Digging the Driftless
The Connection
Jim Tittle: The Price of Sand Video Series
The Hills are Gone
Dust Problem
How Many Trucks?
Frac Sand Factory
Look at the Sand
Windsor Permian Letter
Silica Mine from Above
Dust Kills
Bad Roads
This Just In
Do We Want A Sand Mine?
Forward Looking Statements
Frac Sand Mine Neighbors
Silica Dust
OK to Shake the Neighbors
A Quick Walk
Frac-Sand Trucks
Not Where It Is
Haul the Money Away
Blasting, Preferred Sands Blair, WI
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Frac Sand Forum
Mysteries of the Driftless
Dr. Power: The Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac-Sand Mining in West Central WI
The Toxic Assault on Our Children
Dr. Feyereisn: Potential Health Risk of Mining
Dr. Deller: Economic Impacts of Mining
Deborah Rogers: Shale Promises or Shale Spin?
Facts on Fracking - How is it Different
New Study Examines Quality of Air at Mining Sites
Semi on Highway 88
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The Fracking of Rachel Carson
City Council Rejects Frac Sand Transfer Facility in Eau Claire
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Lo and Behold
Sand Land
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A Song for You
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How Many Trucks?
Sand Mining in Bluff Country?
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Stop Frac Sand - Winona, MN
The Business Logic of Sustainability
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Protesters Block Sand Mining Truck
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"Gasland" Director Josh Fox Arrested
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