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Commissioner Kjome's Ammendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
An Urgent Call to Action
Houston We Have A Problem!
Rather than making a decision that reflects what the vast majority of Houston County residents want, some of the Houston County Commissioners appear to be backpeddling on the commitment they made during last week's public hearing to ban frac sand mining in Houston County. It appears they are now supporting regulation of frac sand mining through the adoption of a mining ordinance which will not protect us. The final vote on this issue is likely to take place at the upcoming Houston County Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 3 at 9:00 AM.
We are so close - Help us see this through!
Here's what you can do:
Seeing the packed room at last week's public hearing was one of the powerful attributes that helped sway the Commissioners — thank you all — let's keep that momentum going!
Attend the March 3 Houston County Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 3, at 9:00AM
Houston County Courthouse - Commissioners' Room
304 South Marshall Street
Caledonia, Minnesota
Contact SWING VOTE County Commissioners:
Please be sure to thank them for their votes at last week's public hearing - Tell them you support a ban on frac sand mining in Houston County.
Steve Schuldt (County Board Chair)
Teresa Walter
Urge Your Houston County Friends and Neighbors to Attend The March 3 Meeting and to Contact Teresa Walter and Steve Schuldt!
Learn More About the Problems with the Proposed Ordinance Amendment:
Dangerous Frac Sand Mining Near Approval in Houston County
The Draft Ordinance:
Contains NO provision for monitoring deadly silica dust, a known major cause of lung disease.
Contains NO PROTECTION of our precious water supply – neither its quality nor its quantity.
EACH MINE could add 4,000 truckloads of sand per mine, per year on Houston County roads.
There is NO limit on the number of mines (Fillmore Co. allows only FIVE mines!) Houston could have HUNDREDS!
YOU will pay for the road maintenance
Provides NO PROTECTION for our beautiful bluffs.
Provides NO PROTECTION of your investment in your home (home values decrease up to 30% within a mile of a mine, that is if anyone would want to buy it.)
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For more information visit www.freehoustonsand.com
Get the Facts:
What Does the MN Department of Health Say:
What does the Minnesota Department of Health say?
Health Concerns with Frac Sand Mining
Published 1/31/12
What Does the MN Environmental Quality
Board Say:
Commissioner Kjome's Ammendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
Tools to Assist Local Gov. in Planning for and Regulating Silica Sand Projects
Published 3/19/14
What Does Trempealeau County Say:
Commissioner Kjome's Ammendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
Final Report on the Public Health Impacts of Non-Metallic Industrial Sand Mining in Trempealeau County
Published 9/8/14
Frac Sand Mining Ordinance Amendments Under Review:
Mineral Extraction and Mining Ordinance Section 27 - Version 2
Version 2: Houston County Planning Commission's Recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners
Note: The changes made in this version make it much weaker than the original recomendation of the Houston County Frac Sand Study Committee (see version 1 below).
Mineral Extraction and Mining Ordinance Section 27 - Version 1
Version 1: Houston County Frac Sand Study Commitee's Recommendation to the Planning Commission
Commissioner Kjome's Ammendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
Commissioner Kjome's Amendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
Note: Commissioner Kjome presented this amendment to the board and asked County Attorney Jandt to review. Jandt did review it, and did not say the board couldn't do it. Commissioner Kjome had it posted on the County website. Then, Commissioner Schuldt had it taken off the website.
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