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Fracking Chemicals Have Been Discovered in Pennsylvania Drinking Water
In a study that brings into question the safety of fracking near underground drinking water sources, geoscientists in the US have found traces of what they believe to be drilling chemicals in samples of drinking water from three homes in Pennsylvania…
Source: Science Alert, May 6, 2015
From Sunset to New Dawn - Capitalists, not just greens, are now questioning how significant the benefits of shale gas and oil will be for America. The new sceptics are missing the big picture
IN A new book, “The Frackers”, Gregory Zuckerman says of the late George Mitchell, a pioneer of the technique of hydraulic fracturing to tap “unconventional” reserves of oil and gas, that “his impact eventually might even approach that of Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell.” Yet of late doubters have been making themselves heard too. In October Peter Voser said that one of his biggest regrets as boss of Shell is the $24 billion his firm has invested in North America’s shale beds…
Source: The Economist, November 16, 2013
VIDEO: Fracking Boom Creates Mortgage Headaches for Banks
Banks that lent mortgages to homeowners that then sell their property rights to energy companies find themselves in a tricky situation. In the video below, the editors of American Banker discuss how some banks are dealing with these issues…
Source: EcoNews, November 15, 2013
300 Foot Flames as Crude Oil Train Derails and Explodes in Rural Alabama
Green groups say accident, reminiscent of Lac Mégantic tragedy, highlights 'intolerable dangers of fossil fuels'…
Source: Common Dreams, Sarah Lazare, November 10, 2013
Oil Spill Experts Say Tesoro's Independent Calculations Don't Add Up
Scientists who helped measure oil spilled from a broken BP well into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 are questioning the methodology used to estimate the amount of crude that recently leaked from a ruptured pipeline into a wheat field in northwestern North Dakota…
Source: Associated Press,, October 16, 2013
PA Public Health Assessment Finds Fracking Makes People Sick
Early results from an on-the-ground, public health assessment in Washington County, PA, indicate that environmental contamination is occurring near natural gas drilling sites and is the likely cause of associated illnesses. We are alarmed by these preliminary findings. They show that—after only six years of drilling—human exposure is occurring and people are getting sick. The presence of any sick people gives lie to industry claims that high volume hydraulic fracturing—fracking—is "safe."…
Source: EcoWatch, Sandra Steingraber, PhD; Larysa Dryszka, MD; Kathleen Nolan, MD, MSL, August 27, 2013
VIDEO: How Fracking Impacts Drought in Texas
The Melissa Harris-Perry show hosted a debate on fracking. Panelist included Gasland director Josh Fox, Luke Metzger of Environment Texas, Deborah Cipolla-Dennis who successfully fought for a fracking ban in rural Dryden NY, Green for All CEO Phaedra Ellis Lamkins, and Uni Blake, Director of Environmental affairs for Hometown Energy Groups. …
Source: NBC's The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, August 17, 2013
Former Mobil VP Warns of Fracking and Climate Change
Few people can explain gas and oil drilling with as much authority as Louis W. Allstadt. As an executive vice president of Mobil oil, he ran the company's exploration and production operations in the western hemisphere before he retired in 2000. In 31 years with the company he also was in charge of its marketing and refining in Japan, and managed its worldwide supply, trading and transportation operations. Just before retiring, he oversaw Mobil's side of its merger with Exxon, creating the world's largest corporation…
Source: TruthOut, Ellen Cantarow, July 19, 2013
Lac-Mégantic Victims Challenge Corporations Behind Deadly Explosion
Two residents of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec have filed a class action lawsuit against the corporations behind the July 6 train derailment and explosion which killed nearly fifty people and devastated the small Canadian town…
Source: Common Dreams, Lauren McCauley, July 19, 2013
Treatment Plants Accused of Illegally Disposing Radioactive Fracking Wastewater
A Pennsylvania industrial wastewater treatment plant has been illegally accepting oil and gas wastewater and polluting the Allegheny river with radioactive waste and other pollutants, according Clean Water Action, which announced today that it is suing the plant…
Source: EcoWatch, Sharon Kelly, July 18, 2013
Ohio Fights Back After Becoming the Nation’s Fracking Waste Dump
For those living in Ohio, hydraulic fracturing wells aren’t the only cause of concern in the nation’s quest to leave no oil formation un-fracked. The state has been the site of a growing fracking fluid disposal industry that enjoys a steady stream of business from neighboring Pennsylvania…
Source: EcoWatch, Trisha Marczak, July 16, 2013
If You Thought What ALEC and the Koch Brothers Are Doing Was Bad…
We’ve all seen the results in states across the country of the influence that ALEC and the Koch Brothers have amassed…
Source: Common Dreams, Mitch Jones, July 16, 2013
The Mines That Fracking Built
The bluffs rise up gently from the rolling hills and farmlands of Wisconsin's Chippewa County. For years, the bluffs stood silent as small farming communities grew around them. The bluffs are too steep to farm and most of the trees in the area grow on the tops of bluffs and around their rolling slopes and steep faces. It's unusually cold for April and trees stand as silhouettes against a layer of snow…
Source: TruthOut, Mike Ludwig, May 2, 2013
Is Natural Gas the Next Bubble? Has Fracking Promised More Than It Can Deliver?
New research shows that putting too much of our eggs into this energy basket could be detrimental to our future economic health…
Source: AlterNet, Brad Jacobson, April 26, 2013
Federal Judge Rules That Government Can't Just Ignore Environmental Concerns
Anti-fracking advocates in California are marking a big victory as a judge has ruled that no, you can’t just go drilling around willy-nilly without sufficient environmental impact reports…
Source: Care2, S.E. Smith, April 10, 2013
Sierra Club Blasts New Plan to Improve Fracking
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- The Sierra Club and some other environmental groups are harshly criticizing a new partnership that aims to create tough new standards for fracking…
Source: MPR News, Kevin Begos, March 21, 2013
Promised Land and the Illusion of Choice
The movie Promised Land tells the story of Steve Butler (Matt Damon), a landsman hired by a natural gas company to enter a rural area and lease land for natural gas drilling. Promised Land, with its flat, green fields, orderly farms, and miniature horses, could be a tourism film for the state of Pennsylvania. The story follows Steve and his partner Sue as they negotiate leases from local farmers. As Sue puts it, everything is a little "too easy" until a town meeting where the high school science teacher urges residents to google "fracking," and the town decides to put fracking up for a vote…
Source: Huffington Post, Ann Green, January 14, 2013
When Fracking Came to Suburban Texas
The corner of Goldenrod and Western streets, with its grid of modest homes, could be almost any suburb that went up in a hurry - except of course for the giant screeching oil rig tearing up the earth and making the pavement shudder underfoot…
Source: Reader Supported News, Suzanne Goldenberg, January 13, 2013
Fracking the Amish
In a community that shuns technology and conflict, the intrusion of gas wells shatters tranquility and brings unexpected schisms…
Source: OnEarth, Elizabeth Royte, January 10, 2013
Hurtling Towards Climate Chaos: US Oil Production Set to Explode
Flying in face of dire climate figures, US continues to embrace fossil fuels. Projections released Tuesday that US oil production is set to surge to record levels shows the US continuing down the path of runaway climate change…
Source: CommonDreams, Andrea,Germanos, January 9, 2013
"Promised Land" Gives Only Partial Picture of Fracking's Negative Consequences
Promised Land, the new movie starring Matt Damon, is a movie in part about fracking, the new and extremely problematic way of getting natural gas out of shale rock far below the earth’s surface. It’s a very good movie, with good acting, particularly by Damon in a very different role than, for example, his Jason Bourne trilogy. Instead of being a kick-ass former CIA assassin on a mission to reclaim his memory and the truth about what was done to him, in Promised Land Damon is a conflicted, conscience-stricken, corporate hot shot “land man” using bribes and threats, when necessary, to get people in a small, rural town to agree to let their town be fracked…
Source: TruthOut, Ted Glick, January 7, 2013
Bombing North Dakota - Living Amid the Bakken Oil Boom
In 1979, Brenda and Richard Jorgenson built a split level home in the midst of a large ranch outside the tiny town of White Earth, North Dakota. Richard’s family is from the area – his grandfather started homesteading on the plains in 1915 – and the couple’s affinity for the area runs deep. They love the land they live on: the epic sky and seemingly endless grasses of the prairie, the White Earth River meandering through a tree-lined valley. For most of their lives the landscape of the region has been dominated by agriculture – wheat, alfalfa, oats, canola, flax, and corn. The Jorgensons always figured they would leave the property to their three children to pursue the same good life they have enjoyed…
Source: Earth Island Journal, James William Gibson, January 9, 2013
Methane Leaks Erode Green Credentials of Natural Gas
cientists are once again reporting alarmingly high methane emissions from an oil and gas field, underscoring questions about the environmental benefits of the boom in natural-gas production that is transforming the US energy system…
Source: Reader Supported News, Jeff Tollefson, January 4, 2013
Meet Anthony Ingraffea—From Industry Insider to Implacable Fracking Opponent
Why, exactly, is high-volume slickwater hydraulic fracturing such a devastating industry? How best to describe its singularity—its vastness, its difference from other industries and its threat to the planet?…
Source: EcoWatch, Ellen Cantarow, January 2, 2013
Anti-Fracking Activist Discusses the Connection Between Human Rights and the Environment
Sandra Steingraber’s gentle voice belies her fierce outrage at the destruction of Earth and human life, a rage that has driven her to devote herself to combating the chemical contaminants that endanger our well-being. An ecologist, cancer survivor, poet, and mother, Steingraber has authored three critically acclaimed books that explore the environmental toxins that permeate our land, air, water, and food…
Source: Truthout, Maureen Nandini Mitra, December 29, 2012
Former Oil Executive, Doctors and Scientists Urge Obama to Wait on Fracking Exports Plan
For the first time ever, the US has the ability to become a major exporter of natural gas, courtesy of the fracking boom. Scientists, doctors, environmentalists and former industry insiders, however, are demanding time for researchers to first consider the potential impacts to local communities…
Source: Truthout, Mike Ludwig, December 19, 2012
New Fracking Frontier Outside Illinois State Park 'Makes People Question The Whole Deal'
Susan and Merlin Calhoun's rural Illinois land is full of the same bluffs, canyons, waterfalls, bald eagles and barred owls that entice more than 2 million visitors to the adjacent Starved Rock State Park every year…
Source: Huffington Post, Lynne Peeples, December 11, 2012
Oil and Gas Industry Set to Attack Matt Damon's "Promised Land"
Next month Focus Features releases Matt Damon's new movie and the oil and gas industry is worried sick about it.…
Source: DeSmog Blogm, Sharon Kelly, December 11, 2012
City in Colorado Is Sued Over a Drilling Ban
An industry group representing oil and gas companies has sued a city in Colorado that outlawed hydraulic fracturing, saying voters had no right to ban the drilling practice..…
Source: New York Times, Jack Healy, December 18, 2012
Frack Fight—This Is What Democracy Looks Like
There’s a war going on that you know nothing about between a coalition of great powers and a small insurgent movement. It’s a secret war being waged in the shadows while you go about your everyday life…
Source: EcoWatch. Ellen Cantarow, November 19, 2012
Fracking Your Future: Shale Gas Industry Targets College Campuses, K-12 Schools
On Sept. 27, the PA House of Representatives - in a 136-62 vote - passed a bill that allows hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" to take place on the campuses of public universities…
Source: Common Dreams, Steve Horn, October 19, 2012
'Intimidation, Threats, and Lawyers': The Great American Gas Fracking 'Land Grab'
Introducing a couple from Texas who, despite their objection, had the natural gas sucked out from beneath their property by the Chesapeake Energy Corporation without paying a dime in compesation…
Source: Common Dreams, October 2, 2012
ALEC's (Corporate) Love Affair with Fracking Special report from Center for Media and Democracy
Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Just one look at the cover of the brochure for this year's annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) reveals where some of the corporate bill mill's loyalties lie: with the “natural” gas industry…
Source: Common Dreams, Sara Jerving, September 27, 2012
Hydraulic Fracturing 101
Geologic formations may contain large quantities of oil or gas, but have a poor flow rate due to low permeability, or from damage or clogging of the formation during drilling. This is particularly true for tight sands, shales and coalbed methane formations…
Source: Earthworks
Special Investigation: The Earthquakes and Toxic Waste of Ohio's Fracking Boom
Fracking is facilitating an oil and gas boom in the Buckeye State, and Ohioans have reason to be shaken up about the issue. Between the spring of 2011 and early 2012, a fracking waste injection well known as Northstar 1 caused more than a dozen minor earthquakes near Youngstown, Ohio, including one 4.0 magnitude earthquake that was felt for miles…
Source: Truthout, Mike Ludwig, July 31, 2012
New Study: Fluids From Marcellus Shale Likely Seeping Into Pennsylvania Drinking Water
New research has concluded that salty, mineral-rich fluids deep beneath Pennsylvania's natural gas fields are likely seeping upward thousands of feet into drinking water supplies…
Source: Truthout, Abraham Lustgerten, July 10, 2012
In Ohio, the People Push Back on Fracking
Tired of waiting for their leaders to ban the destructive drilling practice, citizens passed their own resolution—and took over the Statehouse to make it heard…
Source: Common Dreams, Joshua Kahn Russell, June 27, 2012
Wrecking Our World for Profit
The day lilies in my front yard are in full bloom — three weeks early. That is in line with everything else that has been happening in my yard — from dandelions to rhubarb to milkweed, the plants are telling me what the meteorologists confirm: For the lower 48 states, this has been "the warmest spring, largest seasonal departure from average, warmest year-to-date, and warmest 12-month period" in recorded history…
Source: Winona Daily News, Jim Armstrong, June 17, 2012
Fracking Fatalities: Organized Labor Implores Federal Agencies to Stop the Killings
As hydraulic fracturing - also known as "fracking" - has become a more common way to extract natural gas from underneath the United States, employment in the natural gas industry has expanded dramatically…
Source: Truth Out, Mike Elk, June 6, 2012
Report: Fracking Wastewater Disposal Methods Leave Environment, Public Health at Risk
A report released Wednesday from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows that the five main ways of dealing with wastewater from fracking leave public health and the environment in jeapordy…
Source: Common Dreams, May 10, 2012
Shalersville Speaks Out Against Fracking
A group of concerned citizens gathered at a town hall meeting this week to object to the start of fracking in their community. Here are their statements…
Source: Daily Kos, Danps, May 19, 2012
Vermont Will Be First State to Ban Fracking
Vermont is about to become the first U.S. state to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas. The Vermont House of Representatives voted 103-36 Friday to approve a conference committee report calling for the ban…
Source: RSN, Environment News Service, May 10, 2012
Barry County Residents Learn About Fracking
The state of Michigan is preparing to auction off leases for the oil and gas rights to public land in areas of West Michigan -- including Barry County -- and the land could be used for a process called "fracking."…
Source: WZZM, Matt Campbell. May 1, 2012
Commentary: Sand Mining a Drain on Water
“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” is paraphrased from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner — and it infers that you are surrounded by water (in the Mariner’s case, the ocean) but you can’t drink any of it…
Source: Winona Daily News, Dr. Frank Bures, April 29, 2012
Officials in Three States Pin Water Woes on Gas Drilling
Norma Fiorentino's drinking water well was a time bomb. For weeks, workers in her small northeastern Pennsylvania town had been plumbing natural gas deposits from a drilling rig a few hundred yards away…
Source: ProPublica, Abrahm Lustgarten, April 26, 2012
Natural Gas Fracking: The Fossil Fuel Industry’s New Low
This year, Care2 decided to expand Earth Day into Earth Month, since there is so much to explore when it comes to the environment. Every day in April, we’ll post about some of the most important topics for the environment, exploring and explaining the basics…
Source: Care2, Beth Buczynski, April 15, 2012
Mark Ruffalo: Fracking is a Public Health Concern
Actor Mark Ruffalo appeared Wednesday on MSNBC to discuss his campaign against hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, a controversial method of natural gas extraction…
Source: The Raw Story, Eric W. Dolan, April 4, 2012
USGS: Recent Earthquakes "Almost Certainly Manmade"
A study by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey just published by the Seismological Society of America has determined that a series of earthquakes, from Alabama to the Rocky Mountains, have been caused by oil and natural gas drilling…
Source: Daily Kos, David Harris-Gershon, April 5, 2012
The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women
Little has been reported on the ways in which fracking may have unique impacts on women. Chemicals used in fracking have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive health problems and there have been reports of rises in crimes against women in some fracking "boom" towns, which have attracted itinerant workers with few ties to the community…
Source: Common Dreams, Sara Jerving, April 4, 2012
Explosion Rocks Natural Gas Compressor Station
SPRINGVILLE TWP. - An explosion at a natural gas compressor station in Susquehanna County on Thursday morning blew a hole in the roof of the complex holding the engines, shaking homes as far as a half-mile away and drawing emergency responders from nearby counties…
Source: The Times Tribune, Laura Legere, March 30, 2012
I Was Surrounded by Cops as I Commented on Fracking
My house in Sanford, Lee County, North Carolina is underlain by a gas rich coal bearing rock formation that was deposited in a lake bed in a Death Valley like basin at the beginning of the age of the dinosaurs…
Source: Daily Kos, FishOutofWater, March 21, 2012
About That Dimock Fracking Study: Result Summaries Show Methane and Hazardous Chemicals
Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3 issued a statement last week that its preliminary tests of water samples near drilling and fracking sites in the Pennsylvania town of Dimock showed no health concerns, the group Water Defense and "Gasland" director Josh Fox went to Dimock to look at the EPA summaries themselves…
Source: Truthout, Christine Shearer, March 21, 2012
Fracking Fight: Activists Cry Foul on the EPA's Dimock Water Test Announcement
Anti-fracking activists lashed out at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week after the agency released partial results of water tests taken from private wells in rural Dimock, Pennsylvania…
Source: Truthout, Mike Ludwig, March 20, 2012
Fracking's Health and Environmental Impacts Greater Than Claimed
The natural gas industry defends hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, as safe and efficient. Thomas J. Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research, a pro-industry non-profit organization, claims fracking has been “a widely deployed as safe extraction technique,” dating back to 1949. What he doesn’t say is that…
Source: Truthout, Walter Brasch, Macrh 19, 2012
Three Arrested while Protesting Ohio Fracking Wastewater Wells
After the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) announced last week they would lift a voluntary suspension on construction of new injection wells in Ohio for toxic wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, Ohioans attempted to enter the ODNR office demanding an immediate moratorium on underground injection fracking wastewater…
Source: Eco Watch, Macrh 14, 2012
"Public Media" Joins "Gang Greens" in Colluding With Frackers
NPR's serenades to the "natural"(1) gas industry are getting more and more blatant. Let's pick apart some of these egregious transgressions from journalistic integrity…
Source: Truthout, Maura Stephens, March 9, 2012
Confirmed: Fracking Caused Ohio Earthquakes
The controversial natural gas fracking process that has driven an explosion of natural gas drilling across the nation caused a dozen earthquakes in Ohio, state regulators confirmed…
Source: Think Progress, Brad Johnson, March 9, 2012
Report: Fracking Could Cause a New Global Water Crisis
As the oil and gas industry heads more towards hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, to access resources, a new report out today from Food & Water Watch states that the process may become a global environmental and public health threat…
Source: Common Dreams, March 7, 2012
Study Suggests Hydrofracking is Killing Farm Animals, Pets
A new report has found dozens of cases of illness, death and reproductive issues in cows, horses, goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats, fish and other wildlife, and humans. It says these conditions could be the result of exposure to gas drilling operations…
Source: Cornell University, Krishna Ramanujan, March 7, 2012
EPA, State of Pennsylvania Tussling Over Fracking Regulations
Tugging on rubber gloves, a laboratory worker kneels before a gushing spigot behind Kim Grosso's house and positions an empty bottle under the clear, cold stream. The process is repeated dozens of times as bottles are filled, marked and packed into coolers…
Source: Winona Daily News, Associated Press, March 5, 2012
"Gasland" Director Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing on Natural Gas Fracking
The Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox was handcuffed and arrested Wednesday as he attempted to film a congressional hearing on the controversial natural gas drilling technique known as fracking…
Source: Democracy Now!, February 2, 2012
After Battling Fracking and Cancer, Lucinda Lost, and Found
Her joy was in sustaining our farm against the threat of fracking. After Lucinda's ashes become a part of this piece of the good earth, it becomes sacred ground to me, and the company that owns the so-called "rights" to the gas in the shale below our farm is advised to keep their hell away from this place…
Source: Truthout, Stephen Cleghorn, January 25, 2012
Shale Shocked, Fracking Gets Its Own Occupy Movement
This is a story about water, the land surrounding it, and the lives it sustains. Clean water should be a right: there is no life without it. New York is what you might call a "water state." Its rivers and their tributaries only start with the St. Lawrence, the Hudson, the Delaware, and the Susquehanna…
Source: Huffington Post, Ellen Cantarow, January 23, 2012
Well Blowout, Toxic Water: Fracking Disasters on the Rise
Oil well blowout in Alberta, explosive water in Ohio put drilling technique under scrutinyThe process of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, has recently been linked to earthquakes in Ohio, and fracking chemicals were confirmed in Wyoming groundwater just a month ago…
Source: Common Dreams Staff, January 17, 2012
Fracking Nonsense: The Job Myth of Gas Drilling
Natural gas companies are trying to sell fracking as the solution to all of the economic ills ailing this country. Supposedly fracking can bring the economy out of its current stagnation by creating uncountable new jobs, without running up government deficits, and even save us from global warming in the process. So how come local residents and environmentalists oppose fracking? The short answer is that fracking does not create local jobs, it lowers property values, and pollutes the water we drink and the air we breathe…
Source: Common Dreams, Helene Jorgensen, January 9, 2012
Frac-Sand' Mining Rush In Midwest Spurred By Natural Gas Fracking Boom
The rolling hills and scenic bluffs of western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota hide a valuable resource that has sparked what's been called a modern-day gold rush...
Source: Huffington Post, January 5, 2012
China Set to Frack America in Shale Deal
Showing that it isn't worried about the upswell of angst over hydraulic fracking technology, the Chinese government, through state-controlled Sinopec, today struck a deal with Devon Energy to buy into five prospective new exploration areas in the U.S…
Source: Reader Supported News, Christopher Helman, January 4, 2012
How the EPA Linked "Fracking" to Contaminated Well Water
Hydraulic fracturing (more commonly referred to as “fracking”) involves the injection of fluid at high pressure into a well, opening or widening fractures in the rock below that free up the flow of natural gas…
Source: ARS Technica, Scott K. Johnson, December 9, 2011
EPA Ties Fracking, Pollution
Chemicals found in a Wyoming town's drinking water likely are associated with hydraulic fracturing, the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday, raising the stakes in a debate over a drilling technique that has created a boom in natural-gas production…
Source: Wall Street Journal, Deborah Solomon and Russell Gold, December 9, 2011
It's Like We're Losing Our Love [slideshow]
Research scientist Simona Perry, PhD, studied and documented social change in a Pennsylvania county during the fracking boom 2009-2011…
Source: University of Pittsbugh - CIDDE, Simona L. Perry, PhD, November 18, 2011
No More Drilling in the Dark: Exposing the Hazards of Natural Gas Production and Protecting America's Drinking Water and Wildlife Habitats
In recent years, there has been explosive growth in industry activities to extract natural gas from shale formations located throughout America. While the growth of the natural gas industry has provided some econom"ic benefits to local economies, it has also been accompanied by growing public fears. In particular, concern and opposition have centered on the process of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") used to extract shale gas. This report provides an overview of unconventional gas drilling and the key concerns and potential threats that such drilling raises for America's land, water, air and wildlife. It also provides a number of recommendations for addressing and reducing related environmental impacts…
Source: National Wildlife Federation, Richard Forrest, Energy Specialist, August 2011
Potential Leaks from Hydro-Fracking of Shale
The hydrofracking of horizontal wells in shale gas formations presents a threat to aquifers that is qualitatively and quantitatively different than the threats posed by vertically fracked oil wells. The rapid development of this technology has outstripped the ability of most regulatory agencies to effectively deal with the environmental threat to aquifers and surface drinking water over wide areas of the United States where shale gas deposits are found…
Source: OTSEGO, James L. “Chip” Northrup, September 8, 2010
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